XTAR Sponsored EDA Underwater Photography And Film Competition 2022

Apr 14, 2022 | XTAR

EDA, the Emirates Diving Association, is a non-profit NGO accredited by UNEP as an International Environmental Organisation. Every year EDA holds some events to promote and preserve historical aspects of diving within the gulf region and enhance environmental education to diving and non-diving communities. This year, EDA’s underwater photography and film competition – the Digital Online 2022 was opened on March 20th. As a reliable dive light manufaturer, XTAR was pround to sponsor some prizes for this event.

The competition was introduced by EDA in 2009 to resident photographers to develop a relationship and human interaction amongst those unfamiliar with the underwater world environment. Digital Online is about to celebrate its 13th Anniversary!

Digital Online is open to all photographers and videographers of all skill levels with a valid EDA Membership status. In order to encourage and support these ocean lovers, XTAR sponsored D30 1600 dive light and SN4 camera charger.

XTAR D30 1600 is one of the best video lights and focus lights for underwater photography. Maximum 1600 lumens output, four light colors – white, red, blue and UV. Multiple lighting modes for color compensation in UW photography. 130 degree wide beam angle. Two hours runtime for 1600lm and 6.6 hours for 400lm. It is very helpful for underwater macro photography. 

XTAR SN4 is an innovative multiple camera battery charger with modular charging design. It charges 4 batteries at the same time. Every charging plate can be detachable. And it can be 4 times faster in charging with a 45W adapter. Currently, it supports 11 camera battery models from 6 camera brands, i.e. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Fujifilm and Panasonic. In the future, it would also supports Olympus. The modular charging dock design and compact size make the XTAR SN4 a perfect charger to carry on your international diving trips.

More details about this event and the organazition, you can visit the EDA official website. We believe they would continue to do their best for the underwater environment.


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