XTAR T1 & T1-UV Rechargeable Mini Keychain Light For Multi-purpose Use

Mar 12, 2021 | XTAR

Flashlight is the important one in our everyday carry gears. For backup lighting, keychain light has its unique advantages – high brightness, lightweight and small size. As the development of the LED technology, keychain light has a smaller size and higher brightness output. Recently XTAR released two mini keychain lights – T1 and T1-UV.

These two lights are only about 6cm length and 18.5g weight, similar with the size of AA battery. The mini size makes them very suitable for the EDC gear lovers who eager to ultralightweight. For the normal users, T1 and T1-UV are fantastic backup lights hanging on keychain. The body of T1 and T1-UV use AL6063 material, sturdy and durable. You can carry them in your keychain, clip on your coat chain, on the car key for emergency or with your backpack.

XTAR T1 & T1-UV keychain lights use CREE XP-G3 LED, which can reach up to 500 lumens brightness output. Press the button to change the white lighting levels – moonlight (2lm) – low (50lm) – mid (150lm) – high (300lm) – turbo (500lm). Different levels meet your needs under various situation. Meanwhile, the built-in rechargeable Li-po battery keeps a 4-hour run time under moonlight mode. They could even light 15 minutes under turbo mode.

XTAR T1 & T1-UV keychain lights use the USB Type-C input port, available for the cable of your phone, power bank or other electric devices. The charging time needs only around half of an hour.

Everybody will meet some dark in daily life. Let’s imagine, take out your T1 or T1-UV to bright when you are walking up or down stairs, opening your door and find something lost in the dark, is it safe and convenient?

Another ultility function of the XTAR T1 & T1-UV is the RGB and UV light colors. The solid RGB and flashing signal light give you big help in outdoor advanture and emergency, such as dog walking, camping, hiking, night fishing, getting up at midnight, watching map etc.

And for the UV light, there is a difference in wavelength between T1 and T1-UV. The T1 keychain light uses 395-400nm LED while the T1-UV keychain light uses 365-370nm LED. As we know, different wavelengths have different effects. Therefore, the T1 can be used for scorpions finding, night fishing, drying glue, gel nail polish etc., while the T1-UV is perfect for the detection of countfeit note, cat/dog urine, and fluoresce agent.

In short, XTAR T1 and T1UV keychain lights have an excellent lighting performance, lightweight and compact size, and practical functions. They truly achieved the rate of small size but large energy. If you are a fan of EDC gear, these two flashlights are definitely worth investing in.


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