XTAR VC8S 8-Slot Charger, the New Peak of Battery Management!

Dec 19, 2023 | XTAR

XTAR, one of the reputable cylindrical battery charger manufacturers, proudly announces the imminent release of the VC8S 8-slot battery charger. This charger is not only the ideal choice for users with multiple batteries, but also stands out as an intelligent, efficient, and safe representative of charging management.

In the burgeoning charger market, the demand for more advanced and comprehensive battery management solutions has become increasingly evident. While 4-slot and 8-slot chargers in the market provide basic charging functions. XTAR’ s VC8S 8slot battery charger not only breaks traditional slot limitations, enabling simultaneous charging in all 8 slots. It also integrates multiple functions in each slot, such as battery capacity grading, internal resistance measurement, and storage modes. This provides users with an unprecedented smart battery management experience.

Real Capacity Test, Bye-Bye to Overrated Batteries

The capacity grading tests the actual capacity of your battery, so that you can identify whether your new bought batteries are exaggerated in capacity rating, and know the performance of your old batteries. But the grading process takes a long time. The VC8S allows simultaneous capacity grading in all 8 slots, addressing the need to test multiple batteries at once, significantly enhancing efficiency. It helps in determining the optimal use of batteries in various devices based on their capacity, effectively utilizing each battery.

Internal Resistance Test, Know Your Battery Performance

Internal resistance is a key parameter in assessing battery performance. VC8S will automatically detect the battery internal resistance and display the IR value when you click the button. Very easy to operate. This feature allows for quick assessment of multiple batteries, enabling efficient battery management and ensuring maximal use of the batteries.

Proper Storage Voltage, Battery Life Up Up

Batteries stored at full charge or very low charge for extended periods can suffer from reduced capacity, shorter lifespans, and potential safety risks. This is a significant concern for users who rely on rechargeable batteries for devices not used regularly, such as cameras, flashlights, or seasonal equipment. The XTAR VC8S is designed to solve this problem.

This innovative feature intelligently adjusts the voltage of your batteries to an optimal level for long-term storage. It is more than a convenience—it’s a safeguard for your batteries, ensuring they remain safe, reliable, and ready for use, even after months of storage. This feature offers enhanced longevity for your valuable rechargeable batteries.

Smart Speedy Charge, Never Keep You Waiting for Too Long

Some of you might be confused about how to correctly charge your battery without any damage. The XTAR VC8S makes charging easy. It automatically detect the battery type and healthy status, and then intelligently select a optimal charging method. A single slot can reach a maximum of 3A charging current, and all 8 slots can collectively reach a maximum of 1A charging current simultaneously. With multiple built-in protections, it enhances charging efficiency while prolongs battery lifespan.

Enhanced User Experience, A New Intelligent Choice in the Era

The VC8S charger is capable of most rechargeable 3.6/3.7V lithium ion batteries and 1.2V Ni-MH batteries. It can be installed with 8 protected 21700 batteries at the same time. Besides the charging and test function, the VC8S charger can also bring most of the over-discharged batteries back to life, money-saving and energy-saving.

The release of the VC8S 8-slot battery charger signifies XTAR’ s renewed innovative breakthrough in the field of one-stop charging solution. It not only provides you with an efficient and convenient battery management solution, but also represents a fresh choice for you in this era of intelligence. The VC8S comprehensively meets your expectations for a multiple slots and multi-purpose battery charger, delivering a more intelligent and efficient charging experience.

VC8S, Know your batteries. For more details, please feel free to visit the VC8S product page or contact us.


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