XTAR VC8 Plus Charger

— For XTAR official retail onlyBased on the features of VC8 charger, VC8 Plus adopts DC input (12V 3A), and supports charging current 1A x 8.
• DC powered, 3A x 2 fast charging
• Charge 8 x 21700 simultaneously
• Test batteries’ real capacity with grading mode
• Maximize batteries’ lifespan with store mode
• Detect the battery type, select the best charging strategy
• 0△V and -△V method precisely control the timing for cease of charging Ni-MH batteries
• 3A/2A/1A/0.5A/0.25A for manual adjustment (press the left “Curr.” to control the CH1-CH4, the right “Curr.” to control the CH5-CH8.)
• VA LCD screen shows real-time charging status
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