XTAR INR 18650H 2600mAh 20A/30A Battery

• 30A Pulse Discharge
• 20A Continuous Discharge
• 2600mAh Huge Capacity
• Life cycles up to more than 500 times
• Dimension: φ18.5±0.2mm×65.2±0.3mm
• Unprotected battery
• International Safety and Quality Certificates: RoHS, CE

Specification of INR18650 battery 2600mAhINR18650 battery 2600mAh has RoHS and CE certifications.INR18650 battery 2600mAh can be recharged for 500 times or above.XTAR inr18650 2600mAh has low self-discharge rate, which slow down battery losses.XTAR inr18650 2600mAh cell can survive under extreme temperature.

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