XTAR D30 4000 lumen Dive Light

Uncover the Colors Below: Dive into Visual Storytelling
Powerful & multi-color LED underwater photo and video light
• Maximum 4000 lumens output, four light colors – white, red, blue and UV.
• High CRI, with 9 Cree LEDs – XHP70.2 for white light, XPE2 for red/blue lights, and TX3535P3 for UV light.
• Multiple lighting modes for color compensation in UW photography.
• Press switch for white light, rotary switch for fill lights. Lock function to avoid accidental turn on/off light.
• 2.5 hours runtime for 4000 lumens.
• Powered by 4×18650 batteries. A LED power indicator to remind the battery status.
• Class III Hard Anodized Finish, Aluminum 6063 material.
• Waterproof – underwater 100m.

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