[2016-01-11] New upgrade: BUTTON XPK-2 is listed

Jan 11, 2016 | XTAR

On January 11, 2017, Axel’s latest key lamp BUTTON XPK-2 was officially launched. As an upgraded version of the first generation of XPK, the BUTTON XPK-2 with high quality and high cost performance will be a very suitable choice as a small gift to promote the company’s brand.
Humanized structure design
The button of the BUTTON XPK-2 is designed as a “concave” structure, which effectively prevents the switch from opening due to accidental squeezing or collision, effectively avoiding a reduction in power due to accidental opening.
Perfect visual effect
The BUTTON is small, but with a 140-degree illumination angle and 5 lumens of brightness, it’s a perfect visual experience, allowing you to be comfortable with everyday lighting, hiking camping or close-ups.
Customizable LOGO
Want to get the best way to promote your business? Customize your LOGO on BUTTON and give it as a gift to your customers! The practicality of BUTTON will certainly be loved by them, and it will also deepen their impression of your company.
BUTTON XPK-2, a moment of glory.
Click here to learn more about BUTTON XPK-2.


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