[2016-04-01]2016 Aixida All Walking

Apr 01, 2016 | XTAR

On March 19th, 2016, we were welcoming all the walks of the year with full expectation and excitement. The memory of hiking last year is still vivid, and laughter seems to linger. This year’s challenge begins again on the beautiful Xiaomeisha seaside path! The biggest difference compared to last year is that the Axal family has grown stronger this year, and more small partners have joined the trekking.
Axel has always advocated physical exercise and sportsmanship, which can be said to be part of our corporate culture. So the annual trek has become a tradition of our company. In addition, we have special sports funds to encourage everyone to exercise after work, internal sports games, badminton competitions, and collective jogging. The Axdar people enjoy the health and sports happiness that sports bring to us. This is why we become such a dynamic, loving, and constantly moving team. The happiness on the road is the beautiful scenery and the companionship of colleagues, but also the sense of accomplishment at the end, let us have confidence in ourselves and the team!
There is a pursuit, more exciting. How far you can go during a journey depends on how much drive you have. Keep exercising, stay happy, keep pursuing, and believe that we will eventually reach the place we want to go.


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