[2015-04-21]Aixel MC1 Plus Charger is coming on the market!

Apr 21, 2015 | XTAR

The new Essex MC1 Plus charger is available! The first single-slot charging current in the market can really reach 1 amp charger. What’s more surprising is that the MC1 Plus charger can automatically and automatically select the most suitable battery charging current (0.5A/1.0A) for the battery.
Everyone should know that small current charging is good for battery life, but if you use a large current to charge a small battery, it will damage the battery life. In addition to small batteries such as 10440 or 16340, people will have large batteries such as 22650 or 26650, but it would be a waste of time to charge a large battery with a small current (0.25 amps or 0.5 amps), so 1 amp or slightly larger The current is more suitable for large batteries to protect the battery and save charging time.
For the average user, the vast majority are very busy and have no deeper contact with the battery or charger expertise, and it is not clear what charging current is the best for what size battery (maximizing Battery life can be quickly filled without harming the battery). This is the original intention of our MC1 Plus. The MC1 Plus intelligently and automatically selects the most suitable charging current for the battery without any manual operation.

Just plug in the battery and leave the rest to MC1 Plus! 


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