[2015-05-28]Axel sponsored the upcoming Miami Electronic Cigarette Show on 5.29-5.31.

May 28, 2015 | XTAR

As a leader in the e-cigarette industry, Axel is proud to be sponsoring the Miami Electronic Cigarette Show to contribute to the success of the show. With the good hope of helping users choose the most suitable charger, Axal not only sponsors the prizes for the exhibition organizers, but also provides some samples for the dealers. As Axel, we regret that we can’t participate in this grand exhibition personally, but our presence will always be with the users. We believe that as the winner of the Axel product, Axel will provide you with a great user experience as a loyal partner, and as a user who is still searching for products in the market, Axel will never let you down.
  The Miami Electronic Cigarette Show has a long history. Her reputation has welcomed a large number of exhibitors and spectators. As the venue of the exhibition, Miami Beach will also welcome her new group of surfers. Whether you are an exhibitor or an ordinary audience, the sea breeze will massage your body, the night scene will shine your sight, and your e-cigarette will provide you with smog. Imagine if you can win the Eskeda charger at the show during the day and enjoy electronic smoke at the beach in the evening. What more exciting than this?


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