[2017-07-21]Axda–NN Mester Night Run Official Partner

Jul 21, 2017 | XTAR

In order to promote and convey a healthy and positive spirit, Axel has always actively participated in and supported sports events. This time, Axel will carry MOON portable flashlight to support the NN night run held in the city of Moss, Czech Republic on August 12, 2017.




  The MOON flashlight on the waist optimizes your night running experience, not only illuminating the running distance, but also releasing your hands.

Clamp anywhere, light up at any time
2 MOON flashlight is a rechargeable flashlight that can be clipped on a backpack while hiking. It can be clipped to the tent during camping. It can be clipped on the collar when reading. It can be caught at the waist during night running and walking. It is also a good choice when riding and walking the dog.
2 MOON flashlights are available in grey and blue, and are light enough to be 87.5g, making them very portable. Three lumens high, medium and low can be switched at will according to your preferences. Low flow lasts up to 18 hours.
NN Moss Night Run
Time: August 12, 2017
Location: Plaza One, Czech Republic
1. What is NN Night Run?
NN Night Run is a large-scale night run in the Czech Republic every year, everyone can participate.
2. What are the characteristics of the competition?
The main goal is to let every runner experience the joy of running, not to reach the ultimate goal.
3. How many miles are you running?
It depends on the destination choice of 10 km in the Czech Republic and is related to the difficulty of the terrain so that each runner can complete the race.
4. Main participants?
People who like fun to run. The main age group is 16-69 years old contestants and runners.
Take time to enjoy this night run, let us continue to pay attention to this game. In addition, each first prize winner will win a MOON flashlight suit and look forward to the announcement of the winners. Stay healthy, stay active, and fight to win MOON!
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