[2017-08-21]XTAR sponsors Moster NN night run to a successful conclusion

Aug 21, 2017 | XTAR

On Saturday, August 12th, 2017, a night race was held at Plaza One, Czech Republic: The 3rd NN Neon Night Run. Participants can register for admission 16 hours before the competition. Participants can receive an XTAR MOON flashlight at the entry point of the competition. The XTAR MOON flashlight can be clipped to the collar or worn with a waist pocket. Five lighting modes can be switched on demand, highlight, mid-light, low-light, moonlight, and flash.

As the sky slowly dims, all organizers and entrants realize that the game is about to begin. At 8:10 in the evening, the adult ran officially, and the runners with the XTAR MOON flashlight ran fast.

The finish line gave birth to the top three winners. The first male adult was from Petr Zuda in Usti nad Labem, at 0:17:55, followed by the second, Jakub from Chomutov. Patúc, at 0:18:42, the third was Miroslav Burian from the CEPR team, at 0:18:51. All three winners will receive a big gift package, including XTAR MOON flashlight! Congratulations to these winners!

There were 1,200 runners in the game, including men, women and children of all ages. The event was very successful and the contestants and organizers were very satisfied and grateful for the event. I am very happy to have XTAR participate in this event. The next competition is in the same city of Mostst on August 11, 2018. Let us look forward to it together! Thanks to all the runners who chose XTAR MOON flashlight, and wish everyone good health.
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