[2016-10-20]CECMOL Beijing Electronic Cigarette Show Review

Oct 20, 2016 | XTAR

On October 19th, 2016, the four-day China International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition was successfully concluded in Beijing. E-cigarette enthusiasts from all over the world come together with industry professionals to share the latest products and information in the e-cigar industry and talk about the future development of e-cigarettes. China’s e-cigarette market has great potential. In this year’s show, more than 500 exhibitors came to showcase e-cigarettes and related products.
On October 17th, Axel held a new product launch on the stage of the exhibition center, which introduced the brand upgrade of the Xikeda 10th anniversary, the birth of a charger and three new products – DRAGON VP4 Plus, QUEEN ANT MC6 and Polaris ET1. . This conference is a good example of the trust and support of Axel, and it has also attracted many industry insiders and authoritative news organizations to interview us. Many dealers and e-cigarette enthusiasts also came to the booth of Axel to conduct on-site product experience.
On October 18th, Axel provided a charging station for the LOV National Steam League Interactive Ceremony (the finals). The participants and the exhibitors can charge at our charging station in time, providing great convenience. Our products have also received consistent praise. As one of the contestants said: “Axel’s products always maximize the performance of my equipment.”
This exhibition is the perfect occasion for the Axel team to communicate with users and professional reviewers. You can think about the future development of the industry and seek more opportunities for cooperation.
Axel will also continue to work to understand user needs and create more products that satisfy customers.


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