[2016-10-17]Welcome QUEEN ANT MC6 to join MC family

Oct 17, 2016 | XTAR

A moment of great attention! Axel has another long-awaited new product – QUEEN ANT MC6, 6-slot lithium-ion battery smart charger is finally officially launched today! Maintaining good compactness and portability has always been a big advantage for the Axalta MC series chargers. QUEEN ANT is no exception. The MC6 with 6 slots can meet your needs for charging up to 6 lithium batteries while still maintaining a compact feel. MC6, is 6.
Micro USB charging port
The inconvenience of keeping you away from the DC USB charging cable! QUEEN ANT with a micro USB charging port is no longer subject to the charging limitations of rare charging lines. Since the charger itself is compatible with all 5V USB power supplies, you can easily use QUEEN ANT with just a micro USB charging cable. This is probably the first 6-slot charger on the market for Micro USB.
High current and efficient charging
It is a highlight of QUEEN ANT to charge 6 batteries at the same time, and its efficient charging function is also worth mentioning. By intelligently distributing current to each slot, the charging efficiency is maximized. The highest efficiency charging can reach 4 slots and supply 1 amp at the same time. Save time on charging, so you can be so unexpected.
Not much more, just right. With a small LCD display, you can clearly see the charging status of all batteries. The compact design rejects all the extra cumbersome. QUUEN ANT MC6, your smart and lightweight charger.


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