[2017-03-08]XTAR “walker” WK18 day flashlight listing!

Mar 08, 2017 | XTAR

For most ordinary flashlight users, a good daylight flashlight does not need to have too many bells and whistles functions and features, as long as it is convenient to use. And this is the case with our new daily flashlight “walker.” The compact and compact design, with a net weight of 73g, makes it easier to carry. Equipped with CREE-XM-L2-U3 lamp beads, it can run up to 3.1 hours with a maximum lumen output of 1000. The four lumens are available in 1000lm – 300lm – 60lm – 1lm, which can be used for reading, repairing, etc. in indoor environments, as well as for outdoor camping and running. Just like the slogan “The rhythm of life, you control!” said that this flashlight can be used for slow-paced leisure activities like reading, as well as for outdoor activities like running.
The Pacers use orange peel light cups, and floodlighting gives you a wider view. Because it is compatible with 1×18650/ 2xCR123A/ 2×16340, users have more flexibility in battery selection. The diameter of 25.4 is suitable for flashlight riding. Can be erected, can be inverted, the front and rear sides of the flashlight can also be fixed holding clips. The IPX8’s waterproof rating also works well under 2 meters underwater. These have greatly improved the convenience of this flashlight, and as always, quality is our spokesperson, this flashlight will make you feel value for money!
For more details, please visit http://www.xtar.cn/products_detail/productId=174.html.


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