[2017-05-09]MC4, stop at two MC2 – new charger

May 09, 2017 | XTAR

Lightweight Micro USB interface
The MC Series chargers are designed for users who prefer simple, cost-effective products. All MC Series chargers are extremely compact and powered by the Micro USB port. These commonalities make them the most portable and compatible USB adapter chargers. The MC4 is the lightest and smallest four-slot charger and is the best choice for minimalists. At the same time, you can use the adapter of any USB port with MC4, including mobile phone adapter, solar panel charging port, USB socket and so on.
MC4, stop at two MC2
The MC4 has four slots, twice the MC2. Moreover, the MC4 can charge two batteries at the same time with 1A, and can charge 2500mAh battery in 2.7 hours. Small body, but has all the advantages of XTAR charger: Lithium-ion battery that can activate over-discharge, can charge the battery with the best charging method of lithium-ion battery TC/CC/CV.
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