[2017-06-07]XTAR charger supports 20700/21700 battery

Jun 07, 2017 | XTAR

With the active promotion of first-line battery manufacturers such as Sanyo, Samsung, LG, etc., we are able to see more and more 20700/21700 batteries in the market today. Tesla’s new Model-3 and electric mountain bikes have started to use. 20700/21700 battery. In addition, the 20700/21700 battery has gradually begun to appear in the field of electronic cigarettes and other products.
     Since this year, the 18650 battery has slowly begun to meet people’s needs, and people are looking for a charger that can charge the 20700/21700 battery. We have also been asked many times by customers whether the XTAR charger can support the 20700/21700 model battery. In fact, before the 20700/21700 battery was put into mass production, we predicted in advance that they could make a big difference in the battery market. Click here to jump to our previously published article on the 20700/21700 battery and its difference from the 18650 battery.
·XTAR charger can adapt to 20700/21700 battery
    The 20700/21700 battery is 70mm high, making it the longest model in the world of lithium batteries. The XTAR full line of chargers are equipped with adjustable slots, which allow all XTAR chargers except the XP1 and the discontinued WP series to charge the flat head 20700/21700 battery. All of our chargers from now on will support all flat and pointed 20700/21700 batteries. You don’t have to worry about the XTAR charger in your hands being eliminated as the battery is updated.
What is the difference between a flat battery and a pointed battery?
    The same type of flat-bottom battery has the same purpose as the pointed-end battery. The difference visible to the naked eye is that the top of the pointed battery has a button-like bump, but the flat-bottom battery does not. In general, the raised portion of the pointed battery is actually a protective circuit for protecting the battery to prevent the battery from being over-discharged. However, in some cases where a large current discharge is required, such as an electronic cigarette battery, a protective plate is not required.
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