[2016-06-16]XTAR flashlight join hands with the 4th Drago lux diving

Jun 16, 2016 | XTAR

From May 27th to 29th, Croatia’s “camping village”, Simuni, successfully hosted the largest diving competition in the region, the Drago Lux Diving. The event is sponsored by XTAR.
     XTAR has a passion for activities that develop sportsmanship and actively participates in, organizes and sponsors sports events. So, we became a loyal partner of the Drago Lux diving competition. The purpose of the Drago Lux Divers is to make diving a fun and safe sport, and XTAR aims to provide high quality diving flashlights to ensure fun. Therefore, if you want to cooperate, please contact us: info@xtar.cc
   If you are a diving enthusiast, XTAR’s high-quality diving flashlights will make you feel like you are on scuba diving, free diving, hunting fish, underwater photography and so on.
   The champion won the XTAR D26 diving flashlight suit.


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