[2016-06-13]New product MOON RC2, strong market.

Jun 13, 2016 | XTAR

If you are exercising at night, reading, camping, auto repair or in an emergency, what happens when you have a “MOON”? Now everything is available, a new portable lighting device MOON RC2 with stylish and elegant design, long-lasting life, and can be filled everywhere. You will be able to drive in the following activities, and you will be able to do whatever you want.
Use one: night sports
MOON has a simple and elegant appearance and is comfortable to carry. The clip is non-slip and stable. When you are running or doing other sports, it can hold the waist belt tightly, which makes you feel extraordinary.
Use two: reading
MOON stands on all sides and is as rock-solid as it is, making it as comfortable as you can read on your desk. MOON is also a non-screen flashing LED light that provides shoulder-to-shoulder illumination and avoids invisible eyesight threats.
Use three: outdoor camping
MOON can be widely used for outdoor activities such as walking dogs, hiking, fishing, etc. Especially when you are camping, MOON can be your beacon for the night. And when you are about to fall asleep, MOON’s moonlight mode makes your sleeping environment comfortable.
Use four: auto repair
Carry MOON while driving, it can be connected to the adapter in the car through the USB interface in time. When the vehicle accidentally breaks down, you can use MOON to illuminate the car at any time and repair the vehicle in time.
Use five: emergency
MOON has five LED lighting modes (Flash/High/Medium/Low/Soft), each with its own name. Among them, the flash can be eye-catching and will be called. At the same time, MOON has the IPX6 to achieve waterproofing in rainy weather.
By controlling the technical advantages of XTAR, we have inserted high-quality batteries to achieve self-defense and prevent problems. In addition, we have built a professional charging system and unique charging materials to greatly extend battery life.
MOON, it escorts for fitness; it makes sleep well; it protects the bodyguard. Indoor and outdoor, now the future; there is MOON with you, dreams are born!


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