[2017-09-11]XTAR new battery – Jin Yuqi, the meteorite

Sep 11, 2017 | XTAR

Each XTAR battery undergoes various security checks before it is delivered to the user. Today, with a quality that is still trustworthy, we bring you a new XTAR battery.
     The basic color of the battery design comes from the two blue colors unique to the XTAR brand. The white font is easier to highlight, making it easier for users to capture information about the battery. The heat shrink tubing is made of high quality materials and is as durable as ever.
     The positive/negative sign is marked on the battery with two XTAR logos, and the user can easily read the positive and negative information of the battery.

The actual capacity of the battery is marked in white lettering in the XTAR logo, and the light blue background is used to highlight it.

   The side-by-side categories are labeled with information about the battery that users can easily read here.

    Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly than ordinary batteries, so a longer life cycle also requires better protection against dangerous situations that may occur. Each XTAR battery has been tested for charge/over-discharge/short-circuit/shock to ensure that every XTAR battery in the user’s hands can be safely and reliably used under the corresponding equipment and conditions of use.

     The new design brings not only a new and elegant look, but also a better user experience. As we have been doing, as long as it is a way to enhance the user experience, we will spare no effort to complete.
     XTAR, the power you can trust in your hands.


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