[2017-09-08]XTAR new packaging mode – warranty number makes it easy to reach after sale

Sep 08, 2017 | XTAR

XTAR’s new packaging will make after-sales service more convenient than ever! Warranty Card? Does not exist! Many users will throw away the box after receiving the product, and sometimes the warranty card will be ignored and thrown away. When it comes to the need for after-sales service to provide a warranty card, things become very troublesome.
And our new packaging design will make everything easier.

In order to make the after-sales more accessible, we removed the warranty card in the new package.
The warranty number that replaces the warranty card responsibilities in the new package will be glued to the back of the box and product.
With a product with a warranty code, you only need to provide the receipt you received at the time of purchase to get a thoughtful after-sales service, and no longer need to deliberately retain the warranty card.

The warranty number attached to the box and the back of the product is the same. This will prevent the transfer of packages and allow more people to use quality-assured XTAR products.

The security code that was originally attached to the warranty card will be attached to the box together with the warranty in the new package.
The newly packaged XTAR products will be on the market with the old packaging products. The old packaging does not contain the warranty number of the product, the warranty card will continue to play its role. Therefore, please be assured that thoughtful after-sales service will accompany every XTAR product that is sold.


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