[2016-07-29]XTAR, New Start! The new visual image is ready to go!

Jul 29, 2016 | XTAR

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, XTAR’s new visual image has been updated on official websites, social media accounts, videos, products, packaging and other aspects. What kind of new experience will this upgrade bring? Let us give you one.
In the new VIS (Visual Identification System), XTAR’s four-letter lines are thick and angular, expressing our strong vision: to be a reliable force that users deserve. At the same time echoed XTAR’s new slogan Power in your hands In addition, VI’s XTAR blue symbolizes stability, technology and wisdom. The two interlaced lines in the auxiliary graphics can be freely deformed and extended indefinitely, representing the richness of XTAR products and can be applied to a variety of scenes.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the brand upgrade is not only to update a visual image, it also reflects our constant determination to produce customer-oriented products and provide reliable service. I hope this new visual image will give you a refreshing feeling. XTAR’s focused, reliable and innovative brand concept will continue to open!
In the days to come, we will develop more innovative products to serve your needs. Stay tuned and follow our news! XTAR never stops!
XTAR – Power in your hands!


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