[2016-09-09]XTAR sponsors the LOV National Steam League Interactive Festival (Kunming Station)

Sep 09, 2016 | XTAR

(This article is from an e-cigarette player)
     On September 3rd, the LOV National Steam League Interactive Festival (Kunming Station), which was held by e-cigarette online, ended in Kunming Think Tank Art Space Art Museum.
     As one of the quality exhibitors of CECMOL Beijing Exhibition in October, XTAR also specially sponsored the activities of Kunming Station.
     Congratulations to the audience of the XTAR-sponsored prize ROCKET SV2!
     How hot the scene is! come and see!
     On-site big coffee, hot dance, fancy performance and interaction!
     As one of the sponsors of this Kunming station, XATR hopes that the unique culture of e-cigarettes can be promoted and promoted. The LOV National Steam League interactive ceremony, founded by E-cigarette Online, hopes to gather so many people to support and support e-cigarette culture promotion. This is also the original intention of XTAR sponsored LOV steam league.
     If you want to cooperate, please contact us.
     Email: info@xtar.cc
     Contact number: (+86) 755-25507076


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