Best Single Bay 26800 Battery Chargers

Dec 24, 2022 | XTAR

After the 26650 battery, the bigger size 26800 appeared in the field of flashlights. The 26800 battery has a larger capacity and current. The brand of Convoy, Astrolux, Hanklight and so on have already released some 26800 LED flashlights. However, since this kind of new large super bright flashlights still accounts for a small number, the enthusiasts in the flashlight community face two painpoints, i.e. where to find a quality 26800 battery and charger.

Currently, the best cell on the market is the Queen battery QB26800, which is rated a capacity of 6800mAh and a continuous discharge current of 20A. About the best 26800 battery charger, there are mainly three models talked most frequently on flashlight forums, the XTAR SC1 PLUS, Vapcell L1, Yonii C2000. Here is the parameter comparison chart.

According to the users feedback, the Yonii charger will overcharge cells. The Vapcell L1 was only tested by one or two users but appears to be solid. It is the most expensive one among the three 26800 chargers. The XTAR SC1 PLUS is considered to be the best option for charging a single cell. It quickly charges at 3A, a more proper charging current for the big 26800 battery. And it also works as a power bank. A silicon fasten fixes the battery, convenient to carry in your bag. And the price is only $10.9.

A user reviewed that, the XTAR SC1 PLUS is the only option that wont potentially overcharge your battery, doesnt require modification, and isnt another flashlight. At the beginning when the 26800 flashlight first appears, many people uses Convoy L8 or other rechargeable flashlight to charge the 26800 cells.

Some people even take multiple SC1 PLUS charger and just use them as battery holders for the most part.

Where to buy this SC1 PLUS 26800 charger? You can consult the wholesale price directly at xtar offical website or buy it in store at Xtardirect.


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