Top Lithium 18650 Battery Charger Manufacturers List

Dec 23, 2022 | XTAR

Lithium ion (also as Li-ion) batteries are used widely, especially 18650 cells. To obtain the best performance and longest battery life, they must be charged properly. Then, a good lithium ion battery charger is important.

The top brand lithium ion battery charger has a built-in battery management system. It automatically detect the battery type and chemistry, smartly select the optional charging current to the cells, and stop timely after detecting the fully charging. Besides, the smart battery charger will also provides multiple protection to ensure safe charging. Here we list the top lithium 18650 battery charger manufacturers.

Nitecore – a popular battery charger and flashlight manufactuerer. In the early days, it makes many different charger series, such as D2, D4, UMS4. Recent years, they mainly focus on flashlights, photography and other outdoor equipment. Many of their chargers are Micro USB powered. It seems they didnt upgrade or release more new chargers yet.

XTAR – XTAR chargers are as popular as Nitecore chargers. Xtar mainly focus on manufacturing Li-ion battery chargers since 2006. Every year, Xtar releases some new chargers and upgrades the old versions. And XTAR is the first lithium battery charger manufacturer company to research and adopt the over-discharged battery reviving technology. Charger XTAR VC4, VC4S, VC8, VP4 PLUS, PB2S are well known and be copyed by many other manufacturers. No matter you are an electronics enthusiast or a person who know little eletronics, you can find a proper charger at Xtar. Here you can know more on the XTAR charger guide.

Efest – focuses on manufacturing rechargeable batteries and chargers for vaping community, such as unprotected IMR 18650, Efest LUC V4/V8. Efest chargers have special design on screen display. Compared with Xtar and Nitecore, Efest charger has a slower charging speed and less extra functions like capacity test.

Liitokala – the brand is created in 2015. A li-ion battery and charger manufacturer from China. Their chargers has the similar functions with XTAR, such as the Lii-500, Lii-MP2. But they cannot charge protected 21700 batteries. LiitoKala chargers are very popular in Rusia. Many of their multiple-slot chargers provide super fast charging with DC jacket input port.

Vapcell – another battery and charger manufacturer from China since 2013. They mainly focus on various sizes of Lithium ion batteries. Their popular charger Vapcell S4 Plus is compared with Xtar VC4SL.

EBL – mainly manufacturing rechargeable AA and AAA batteries and chargers in China. They also have lithium ion batteries and chargers, but their li-ion battery chargers are mainly basic version.

Miboxer – a new brand for smart battery charger. Only five chargers on their official website. During the vaping boom period, many vapers ues Miboxer chargers.

Golisi – another Chinese manufucturer on vaping batteries and chargers. Most of the Golisi chargers are small one or two bays. The max channels are six. In recent years they didnt release new chargers.

ISDT – mainly focus on Lipo charger, widely used on RC car/drone hobby. Their household battery chargers are more advanced with Bluetooth APP operation. So the charger price are much more expensive. Most of their lithium chargers are suitable for electronics enthusiasts who like DIY device.

SkyRC – one of the most reputable manufacturers for RC power system and radio control related products. Their chargers are popular in RC hobby community. They have only one charger for lithium 18650 battery, the MC3000. Just like the above mentioned IDST, it is also an advanced multi-chemistry cylindrical battery charger/analyzer with bluetooth APP control.

There are also other brands like Opus and Gyrfalcon. The Opus BT-C3100 and Gyrfalcon All-88 are also popular chargers.

The list is just a reference for you to know the lithium 18650 battery charger manufacturers. We collect information based on the most frequent talks and discussion among users.


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