Mini 4WD Tamiya Charger XTAR VC8 Review

Sep 27, 2020 | XTAR

Mini 4WD is very popular in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. We all know the brand Tamiya. It almost is the synonym of Mini 4WD. And there are Mini 4WD Japan Cup every year. As a fun of Mini 4WD, we love to watch the Mini 4WD racing, and want to try games with our friends and families. We hope it is always in power. Therefore, the Mini 4WD charger is also very important.

In order to save time, the multiple-bay charger is very useful, such as the XTAR VC8. What are the pros and cons of this VC8 charger? And should you buy this charger? Let’s see how the Mini 4WD professional reviewer from Indonesia says.

As an 8-bay charger, XTAR VC8 can charge 8 batteries simultaneously with decent charging speed. The race format in Indonesia is high paced with numerous chances of race, especially if you have more than one machine. This charger can prep a lot of batteries to be used. It charges not only 3.6/3.7V Li-ion batteries, but also 1.2V Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries. As it offers five levels of charging current, you can also control the charging speed by yourselves.

This charger is really well built with great material. The USB Type-C port enables you to use your phone charger to be used as the power source for this charger. You don’t need to prepare a special charging adaptor.

Meanwhile, XTAR VC8 is also a battery tester and analyzer. It can help you to identify the capacity of your batteries by charging-discharging-recharging in grading mode. If you need to store the batteries for several months, use the VC8 charger to adjust the voltage of the batteries to prolong the battery life with storage mode. As you know, the best storage voltage of batteries is around 3.6V.

The reviewer Roscoe said, “One of the cons is the size of this charger. It can not be inserted into my portable pit. But we cant expect too much in terms of charger size, because it is an 8-bay charger, I think this charger size is already really compact. It’s very kind of him. Also, he tells the truth. Then, you may ask, should I buy this charger?

Roscoe also suggested there are several types of racers that should buy this charger.

The first one is for racers who don’t want to dive too much in the world of battery processing, this type of racers use the charger to only charge their batteries. Not all Mini 4WD enthusiasts want to participate in a race event, and some of them dont have much time to play with Mini 4WD. If you are the type who comes to a hobby shop to just wanna relax, and spend around 1-2 hours by running your machine and doesn’t care about battery performance at all, this charger is appropriate for you.

Roscoe said, I will also recommend this charger for Mini 4WD enthusiast who comes to the hobby shop with your family. For example, if you got kids who also like Mini 4WD, you can charge up to 8 batteries at once and race together with your kids. If you got 2-3 kids and only got a charger with 4 battery slots, the others will have to wait and it will need more time. So, fathers, this charger is good for you and your family!

For more advanced and serious racers, this VC8 charger is suitable as your secondary charger, and a charger with battery processing features as a primary one.

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