XTAR D20 And D20B Mini Dive Lights For Fun Dive And Spearfishing

Oct 30, 2020 | XTAR

More and more divers are surprised by the amazing underwater world. Imagine that when you slowly dive into the cool and clear water, the sunlight is refracted into countless stars by the water, and the colorful fishes are intimately nestled by your side. When you start buying diving equipment, you will dive more frequently.

Whether it is night diving, deep diving, cave diving or just for fun and leisure diving, a dive light will be very useful. For leisure and fun diving, in order to better explore the rocks and holes during free diving, it is necessary to carry a small hand-held and narrow beam flashlight. XTAR has recently developed two mini dive lights  the D20 and D20B. Let’s take a look at them from the essential elements of the flashlight.

Mini Size and 52g Weight

These two dive lights are only 10.6 cm long and 2.2 cm in diameter, which is less than the length of an adult’s hand, really very mini. Comes with a quality lanyard, it can be easily tied to your diving belt. The net weight of them is only 52 grams, which will make you dont feel any weight at all underwater. They are also very light to carry to the beach in a backpack.

1000lm Brightness

Everything starts to turn gray at 30 feet underwater, even in the daytime. Therefore, the lumen of a flashlight is usually the first element that everyone considers.

Many divers choose compact secondary lights during day diving. These dive lights are convenient to carry and have enough brightness for underwater lighting. Both XTAR D20 and D20B dive lights have maximum 1000 lumens, which is enough for free dive and fun dive. Of course, when diving at night, they can also be your compact secondary lights for safety. 

In addition, the XTAR D20 and D20B use Cree XP-L/V6 LED, with a color temperature of 7000K and beam throw 103m.

4 Hours Battery Life

The battery life of the flashlight is also very important for divers. Sufficient battery life can ensure a good diving experience. Both XTAR D20 and D20B mini dive lights use a high-quality 18650 rechargeable battery. In the test, using a 18650 3500mAh battery, it can illuminate for around 4 hours at 1000 lumens, and 7 hours at 590 lumens. As you know, for nighttime diving, you have to turn on the dive light before go to the water. So the battery life of the dive light should be at least one hour. With these two lights, you will never worry about this issue.

One-Handed Rotary Switch

Many people dive to take beautiful underwater photos or videos. One hand holds a flashlight and the other with a camera. So whether the switch works well is very important. XTAR D20 uses a cool rotary magnetic switch. Good hand feeling, convenient operation, flexible turn on and off. The XTAR D20B also uses a rotary switch. Rotate the switch on and off repeatedly to switch the brightness from high, mid to SOS. There is temperature control in the dive lights. When temperature rises to over 55, the light will reduce its brightness to ensure its normal work.  

50m Underwater Waterproof

Perfect dive lights should be designed in solid materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or even titanium. Both XTAR D20 and D20B are made of Aluminum 6063 and have a hard coat anodized finish. So they have better abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Their IPX8 waterproof make them serve well underwater within 50m depth.

The XTAR D20 and XTAR D20B are also excellent backup lights. They can be used not only for free diving, spearfishing, but also as compact secondary lights for nighttime diving and deep sea diving. The price are also very affordable. Come to get one and enjoy wonderful diving.


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