Which Brands of Batteries Can Be Charged with XTAR L4 Charger

Sep 08, 2023 | XTAR

XTAR L4 is compatible with AA/AAA NiMH batteries and the majority of 1.5V lithium batteries from various brands. Currently tested brands and models are as follows:

1.5V Li-ion

Doublepow AA 2750mWh,Doublepow AA 3400mWh,

Doublepow AAA 1000mWh,Doublepow AAA USB 1000mWh,

Deleepow AA USB 2800mWh,Deleepow AA 3400mWh,

Deleepow AAA USB 1200mWh,Deleepow AAA 962mWh,

Leise AA USB 3400mWh,Leise AAA USB 700mWh,

555 AAA USB 800mWh,Tenavolts AA, Palo AA 2800mWh,

Enexeed AA 2000mWh, XTAR AA 2700mWh,

XTAR AA 3300mWh,XTAR AAA 1200mWh,

EBL AA 3000mWh

1.2V NiMH 

Eneloop AA 2450mAh, Eneloop AA 1900mAh,

Eneloop AAA 950mAh, Eneloop AAA 750mAh,

Doublepow AA 2200mAh, Doublepow AA 2700mAh,

Doublepow AAA 950mAh, Doublepow AAA 900mAh,

Deleepow AA 3300mAh, Deleepow AA 2700mAh,

Deleepow AA 1300mAh, Deleepow AAA 1100mAh,

Deleepow AAA 950mAh, GP AA 3800mAh,

GP AA 2600mAh, GP AAA 850mAh, GP AAA 1200mAh,

Camelion AA 2500mAh, Camelion AAA 900mAh,

Xiaomi ZMI AA 1750mAh, Xiaomi ZMI AAA 750mAh,

enevolt AA 3000mAh,enevolt AA 2150mAh,

enevolt AAA 950mAh,PISEN AA 2500mAh,

PISEN AAA 900mAh,Leise AAA 1150mAh,

XTAR AA 2200mAh,XTAR AA 2500mAh,


(updated 09/08/2023)


 For all the acceptable 1.5V lithium batteries, if the internal cell is over discharged, as the 0V activation current is very small, the red and green lights will alternate flashing during activation.

 The above list includes only some brands, and there are also other brands on the market that are compatible.


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