Discover XTAR SD1: Your Essential Dive Safety Beacon with 4 Colors

Sep 18, 2023 | XTAR

Welcome to the world of safer and more vibrant underwater adventures! At XTAR, we understand the paramount importance of diver safety and visibility. It is with immense pleasure that we announce the latest addition to our lineup of diving flashlight – the XTAR SD1 Mini Dive Beacon, your ultimate dive buddy for safety and communication.

Be Seen, Be Safe: The XTAR SD1 Advantage

RGBW 4 Light Colors

On the diving market, most of the dive beacons have been facing the limitation of having only a single color which restricts people’s communication and ability to respond to different situations underwater. Now, XTAR have successfully developed a dive beacon with four-color lighting: white, red, blue, and green. The XTAR SD1 has a total of 8 mode combinations, i.e. solid white, flashing white, solid red, flashing red, solid blue, flashing blue, solid green, and flashing green.

Each color lighting mode serves a specific purpose, making it perfect for big group divers. This color-coding system simplifies messages, adapts to various conditions, and allows personalization, making it an essential feature for scuba diving.

Brightness & Battery Life

We have noticed that some customers have given feedback that the brightness of dive signals on the market is generally weak and they want a product that can provide stronger illumination. XTAR SD1 is the answer to this voice and addresses the need in the market by providing excellent brightness.

XTAR SD1 utilizes high-quality RGBW LED. When white and green are constantly on, the luminous flux is 25 lm. When red and blue are constantly on, the luminous flux is 10 lm. It can effectively reduce the impact of murky underwater conditions on the lighting effect, allowing divers to observe the surrounding environment and underwater creatures clearly.

XTAR SD1 achieves excellent characteristics of long-lasting battery life and high luminous flux output by configuring intelligent battery recognition technology.It is compatible with a protected 16340 or CR123A battery. With a maximum runtime of up to 16 hours, divers don’t need to worry about battery depletion.

Battery Reminder & Memory Function

Many divers have faced the embarrassing situation of running out of battery power during underwater activities. However, XTAR SD1 skillfully solves this problem.It is equipped with a low battery reminder function that automatically step down the output when the battery is low, reminding the user to recharge in a time. This ensures that you can always maintain safety and output signal.

Another special feature is its memory function. After shutting down in any lighting mode, if XTAR SD1 is turned  off for more than five seconds and you can enter the lighting mode before shutting down when you turn it on. This intelligent memory function allows you to focus on your underwater activities without distraction.

Easy to Use

In diving activities, it is often necessary to select different light modes based on different situations to achieve optimal results. Therefore, an easy-to-use control interface is an important consideration.

The easy operation of XTAR SD1 will bring a smoother and more efficient underwater experience. Just gently toast the body of the XTAR SD1 to switch the lighting mode.

The XTAR SD1 is compact and lightweight with a waterproof rating of up to 100 meters, making it suitable for various depths of diving. The SD1 can also be used on land, making it a great companion for camping and hiking.

Learn more information of XTAR SD1 and order yours now. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your scuba gear.


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