Compact Light, Diving Might: XTAR D20 Press MiniSuper

May 14, 2024 | XTAR

Diving lights are crucial for divers underwater. In addition to their trusty primary light, they always carry a backup light. These diving lights usually tend to be compact, powerful, and reliable. That’s where XTAR new product, the D20 Press MiniSuper , comes into play.

Super Compact and Bright

The D20 Press measures just 12cm in length, with end diameters not exceeding 3cm, and it weighs only 65g. It’s pretty compact, so you won’t notice it in your pocket or on your shoulder strap. This makes it ideal for recreational diving, spearfishing, technical diving backup light, or traveling. Also, its maximum brightness can reach 1200 lumens, providing ample illumination for both daytime and nighttime clear water dives.

Easy to Use

With this dive light, you can keep focus on diving without distractions. Its press-button switch is easy to operate with one hand. Just single click to turn it on and effortlessly switch the brightness mode to meet your needs.

Extended Battery Runtime

The D20 Press offers extended runtime powered by an 18650 3500mAh battery. With the XTAR 18650 battery and under professional testing, it can run for 3 hours on turbo-mode of 1200 lumens and 4.5 hours on mid-mode of 600 lumens. It provides sufficient illumination while also allowing you to stay underwater longer without worrying about the battery running out.

Enhanced Safety with SOS Mode

Many users like the SOS mode in backup flashlights, and the D20 Press also achieved this. It features a dedicated SOS mode for emergency use underwater or on the land, ensuring you are accurately located by others. Additionally, the locking function of switch prevents accidental turn-on in your pocket or bag, reducing unnecessary trouble.

D20 Press has battery protections to prevent over-discharge and reverse polarity. it also utilizes an type III hard anodized finish body, making it resistant to wear and corrosion. These advantages make it your trustworthy underwater companion. What’s more, it can also be used on land.

Practical, reliable, and ready for emergencies. With the true essence of “Compact Light, Diving Might” and venture into the underwater with XTAR D20 Press MiniSuper.


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