XTAR Chargers Comparison: L8 vs. LC8 vs. BC8

May 17, 2024 | XTAR

XTAR offers a comprehensive range of chargers, giving users with a wealth of options. However, some models might be confusing. After collecting user feedback, let’s compare some easily confused ones.

L8, LC8, and BC8 of the AA/AAA chargers. These chargers can all charge rechargeable 1.5V lithium batteries, but they still have some slight differences. Please refer to the table below for details:

Product Comparison Table
Battery Type1.5V Li-ion
1.2V Ni-MH
1.5V Li-ion 1.5V Li-ion
1.2V Ni-MH
Battery SizeAA/AAASpecial for XTAR AA/AAA
Li-ion with LED indicator
Input PowerQC3.0 18W
5V 3A
QC3.0 18W
Charging CurrentLi-ion: 0.5A x 8
Ni-MH: 0.5A x 8
Li-ion: 0.5A x 8Li-ion: 0.5A x 8
Ni-MH: 0.5A x 8
Auto-Stop ChargingYesYesYes
Unique CVSA TechYesNoYes for new version
Low-Voltage ActivationYesYesYes
Size (L x W x H)mm153 x 76.5 x 27.6153 x 76.5 x 27.6153 x 76.5 x 27.6
Net Weight118g100g118g

If you have any questions about other XTAR products, including lithium batteries, chargers and diving flashlights. Please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you find the product that best suits your needs.


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