XTAR D30 6000 Dive Light: Extra-Wide Illumination for Underwater Photo and Video Excellence

Sep 18, 2023 | XTAR

XTAR, a renowned name in the world of diving flashlights, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation – the XTAR D30 6000 Dive Light. Designed to meet the demands of underwater photographers and videographers, the D30 6000 is set to revolutionize the way enthusiasts capture the mesmerizing beauty of the deep blue.

Light Wide, Capture All!

The XTAR D30 6000 Dive Light boasts an impressive set of features that make it a must-have for anyone seeking to capture the mysteries of the underwater world. With the slogan “Light wide, capture all,” this extraordinary dive light lives up to its promise.

Consistent 6000 Lumens for Almost 48 Minutes

One of the standout features of the D30 6000 is its fully regulated 6000 lumens output, which remains consistent throughout almost the entire 48-minute runtime. This level of consistency is essential for video enthusiasts who require uniform lighting for their footage. Powered by four 18650 batteries, the D30 6000 ensures you never miss a moment.

140-Degree Extra-Wide Beam Angles

The D30 6000’s 140-degree extra-wide beam angles illuminate the entire frame, providing maximum visibility even in dark or murky waters. This innovative design helps prevent unwanted bright spots and ensures an even distribution of light, allowing you to capture every detail with stunning clarity.

Convenient Video-System Mounting

XTAR understands the importance of versatility in underwater photography and videography. That’s why the D30 6000 Dive Light comes with a 1/4″ ball mount, making it easy to attach to your video system setup, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot without any hassle.

High CRI and Natural Color Restoration

To bring out the true beauty of the underwater world, the D30 6000 features high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and even illumination. With a CRI rating of over 90 and a Color Temperature of 5000K, the imported Cree LEDs in this dive light restore natural color, ensuring your photos and videos are a true reflection of the aquatic environment.

Safety and Durability

Safety is paramount when diving, and the XTAR D30 6000 Dive Light doesn’t disappoint. It includes a lock function to prevent accidental power-on, a user-friendly LED power indicator, and a single lighting mode with a press switch for easy operation. It also offers protection against reverse polarity and is built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration with its advanced AL6063 construction and Class III Hard Anodized Finish. With a depth rating of up to 100 meters, this dive light is your trusted companion in the deep.

Dive Into the Future of Underwater Photography

The XTAR D30 6000 dive light is set to revolutionize the way photographers and videographers capture the beauty of the underwater world. With its unmatched features and commitment to quality, XTAR continues to be a trailblazer in the diving equipment industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own the D30 6000 Dive Light – the ultimate tool for those who want to “light wide” and “capture all.” Dive into a world of unparalleled clarity and breathtaking underwater visuals with XTAR.

For more information and to purchase the XTAR D30 6000 Dive Light, visit our official website or contact your nearest authorized XTAR dealer.


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