Popular portable USB charger MC1 Plus upgrade!

May 20, 2016 | XTAR

XTAR is committed to the development and production of better products. Recently, we upgraded the MC1 Plus to add a mini display for the user to know the state of charge of the battery.
   What’s on this display? A battery icon and charging current indication.
   Each cell of the battery icon represents 25% of the charge. By budgeting for the time it takes to recharge, you can focus on doing other work, so you can better control your life without having to check the battery status frequently.
   The MC1 Plus automatically selects the most suitable current (0.5A/1.0A) for different battery types to maximize battery life. With the charging current indication, you can now clearly see which current ANT has chosen for you to optimize battery life.
   After the upgrade, MC1 Plus is called ANT. Although it is small in appearance, it is very powerful, and it has been silently paid for you, just like ants in nature. The interface is micro USB, it can be refilled everywhere, and it can activate your over-discharge battery. Click here to find out more about ANT!


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