Spearfishing Light XTAR Whale D26 Vs Orcatorch D520, D550

Jan 21, 2021 | XTAR

Many spearfishermen like XTAR Whale D26. They thought it is the best budget dive light for spearfishing. There are also many fans for Orcatorch small and lightweight lights, such as D520 and D550. So, there comes a choice problem. The XTAR D26, Orcatorch D520, Orcatorch D550, which one should I choose?

Let’s make a simple product comparison from the specifications.

Product XTAR Whale D26 Dive Light Orcatorch D520 Orcatorch D550
XTAT Whale D26 Orcatorch D520 Orcatorch D550
Output 1100/600/200/60 lumens 1000 lumens 1000/367 lumens
Runtime 2h 2h 2h 5mins
Beam Angle 55 degree 72 degree 70 degree
Beam Distance 310m (on land) 250m (on land) 253m (on land)
Intensity 24025cd 14300cd 16000cd
Impact Resistance 1.5m 1m 1m
Color Temperature 6000K 5000K 5500K
Battery 1×18650 1×18650 1×18650
Switch Type Push Button Switch Rotary Switch Push Button Switch
Waterproof Underwater 100m Underwater 150m Underwater 150m
Length 155mm 134.5mm 144mm
Net Weight 248g 113.5g 183g
MSRP $89.9 $79.95 $109.95

The XTAR D26 and Orcatorch D520 & D550 have a similar maximum brightness output, 1100 and 1000 lumens. As they all use one 18650 battery, they have the same run time 2 hours. But the XTAR D26 has a more narrow beam than the two Orcatorch dive lights. XTAR D26 has a beam angle with 55 degree, while the Orcatorch D520 is 72 degree and D550 is 70 degree. So XTAR D26 has a longer beam distance, 310m on land. If you want to clearly see the fishes under the rock holes, XTAR D26 would help you a lot.

The XTAR D26 uses CREE XM-L2 U3 LED while the Orcatorch lights use CREE XM-L2 U4. The color temperature of XTAR D26 is 6000K, the Orcatorch D520 is 5000K, and the Orcatorch D550 is around 5500K. So the light we see by eyes may be a little different.

The XTAR D26 and Orcatorch D550 use push-button switch, while Orcatorch D520 uses mechanical rotary switch. For many divers, the push-button switch is more convenient than rotary switch in operation, especially for spearfishing. Speed is very important in spearfishing. The easier operation the better. There is also a little different in push-button switch for the D26 and D550. The switch is installed on the head of the XTAR D26, while it is on the tail of the Orcatorch D550.

The XTAR Whale D26 has a lock function on the switch, to avoid the accidentally turn on/off the light. And it also has a power indicator with different LED color to remind you of the battery life. These functions will bring you safety in diving.

Which one to choose? It depends on your own needs. Besides the above specifications, you can learn more descriptions of the XTAR Whale D26.


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