XTAR D30 1600 Review With UW Photos And Videos

Mar 04, 2021 | XTAR

There are so many divers love underwater photography and videography. The most popular forms of underwater photography are uw macro photography, wildlife shots, and scenics and wide-angle shots. And as the deeper you go, the darker it will be, a good dive light is helpful, such as Xtar D30 1600.

Let’s dive in to get a look at all of the D30 1600’s new features, performance and nice design.

Key Features & Specs

  • • Four light colors – white, red, blue and UV

  • • Maximum 1600 lumens output

  • • Three lighting levels for white light – 1600lm/800lm/400lm

  • • High CRI, with 7 Cree LEDs – XHP35 for white light, XPE2 for colored lights

  • • 130 degree wide beam angle

  • • Two hours runtime for 1600lm, 6.6 hours for 400lm

  • • Powered by 1×18650/26650 battery

  • • A LED power indicator to remind the battery status

  • • Multiple lighting modes for color compensation in UW photography

  • • Press switch with lock function, to avoid accidental turn on/off light

  • • Aluminum 6063 material, abrasion and corrosion resistant

  • • Smart temperature control, auto-regulation of brightness

  • • Waterproof to 100 meters underwater

  • • Length 14.6cm, net weight 230g without batteries



The package is small box. It contains a dive light, a user manual, lanyard, two O-rings, a charger, a 26650 battery and a USB cable.

XTAR D30 1600 Dive Light focus light for underwater photography

At first glance, D30 1600 is made of aluminum material and has a hard coat anodized finish. It has a build of high integrity, with few openings and solid casing. This makes it abrasion and corrosion resistant. It looks in good quality.

XTAR D30 1600 Dive Light can be mounted on goodman handles and camera balls

Mark Pilzer shot some nice photos underwater. He took it in wreck diving.

XTAR D30 1600 Dive Light for wreck divingXTAR D30 1600 Dive Light focus light for underwater photographyXTAR D30 1600 Dive Light Video light for underwater photographyXTAR D30 1600 Dive Light Video light for underwater photography

Functions & Performance

Let’s see how Mark Pilzer thought of this dive light. He tested all the functions and UI design, as well as the lighting.

As mentioned, scenic underwater photography is one of the most popular activities, such as corral and shipwrecks shooting. The uw scenes are captured with a wide-angle lens. The D30 1600 dive light has a 130 degree wide beam angle. You can see how is the lighting for wreck diving in this video at time 8:30.

Color Compensation Lighting

To shoot a fantastic photo, additional lighting is very important, especially for the underwater macro photography. If your dive light has red, blue and UV light color, it will make your photography easier and better.

In this video, Rick Coleman tried the different light colors of the XTAR D30 1600. With it, you will see the underwater creatures in amazing looks.  

Pricing & Availability

XTAR D30 1600 is a good focus light for underwater macro photography and also a good background light for scienic photography and videography. It is available online now. Contact to get the best wholesale price and recommendation of where to buy.


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