The 10th Guangzhou Outdoor Products Exhibition was a complete success

Jul 14, 2016 | XTAR

The 10th Guangzhou Outdoor Products Exhibition was a complete success
    From May 10th to 12th, our company participated in the “10th Guangzhou Outdoor Products Exhibition” and achieved a complete success. During the exhibition, our company has become the biggest highlight of this exhibition with its unique visual design and rich product experience, which has aroused widespread concern.
    In order to run this exhibition well, our company has carried out a lot of preparatory work in the early stage. Including product displays, promotional posters, etc. The products on display at this exhibition not only include the products that our company has sold in the past, but also showcase many new products that can be listed later.
    It can be said that “there are friends who come from afar, not too happy.” In addition to attracting visitors to the exhibition hall, many fans of our company also visited. They put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on the existing products of our company. And in-depth communication with relevant staff for the future development direction of our company.
    After years of hard work, Axel has become a brand that everyone knows and trusts. The exhibition was also highly praised by many tourists. But these are not enough. In the days to come, Xtar people will continue to adhere to the low-key and pragmatic style of doing things, and continue to open up, forge ahead, and do better!


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