XTAR NC8 – A New Smart 8-Bay NiMH AA & AAA Battery Charger

Dec 17, 2022 | XTAR

We have many things that require lots of batteries, such as game controllers,  garden lights, radios, digital camera, and eletric toys. If you buy so many Alkaline batteries, it’s a waste of money. Rechargeable AA and AAA NiMH batteries are a good replacement. And it is much lower in cost than Li-ion batteries. Then, a quality NiMH battery charger is important. Recently, the professional battery charger manufacturer XTAR released a new charger NC8, special for rechargeable Ni-MH AA and AAA batteries.

Why choose NiMH battery charger instead of Li-ion & NiMH universal battery charger?

The professional NiMH battery charger is a good option for people who have NiMH AA and AAA batteries in bulk. If you have a wide variety of rechargeable batteries including Ni-mh, Ni-cd, Li-ion & Lifepo4, then an universal battery charger is more suitable for you.

Also, some users feedback that bigger chargers are hard to install AAA size batteries into properly, especially if they accommodate 21700 cells. Compared with the size of the XTAR NC8 and VC8 charger, we can find that the NC8 NiMH battery charger is much smaller than the VC8 universal battery charger.

Features of XTAR NC8 NiMH battery charger

8 Bays Mix-Charging

XTAR NC8 is very easy to use. It can charge up to 8 batteries at a time. Each channel is individual so you can mix and match batteries aaa and aa. You can load anywhere from 1 to 8 batteries, even with only one cell. It also supports different mAh batteries at a time. Different brand of rechargeable batteries like Duracell or Energizer are available.

This eight-bay charger is suitable for charging batteries in bulk. Especially for photographers, usually their digital camera takes eight AA batteries, four in the camera and four more in the battery grip, so eight bays is perfect and a big time saver.

Smart Fast Charging

NiMH batteries are much harder to charge than Li-ion batteries because they don’t have a “float charge” voltage like lithium-ion chemistry and must be charged using a constant current. XTAR NC8 NiMH battery charger offers a 500mA fast charging with the input power 5V 2A. If your adapter output power is lower than that, the NC8 charger would automatically adjust the charging current properly.

Then, how long does the XTAR NC8 fully charge batteries? It takes 5.44 hours to fully charge 8 AA 1.2V NiMH 2200mAh batteries, and 2.19 hours for 8 AAA 1.2V NiMH 900mAh batteries. Much faster than other brand chargers.

LED Indicator

This battery charger aa and aaa has LED lights that quickly show the charging status. There are four lighting conditions.

* Red light slowly flashing for battery detection and over-discharged reviving.

* Red light solid on for charging process.

* Green lights are on when batteries are fully charged.

* Red light quickly flashling for battery reverse installation and other issues

0V Activation

Reviving over-discharged NiMH AA and AAA batteries is a big bonus for XTAR NC8 charger. It’s very easy to use this function. Just put the dead batteries into the channels, and wait for NC8 charger automatically bringing the batteries back to life. About 10 minutes later, the revivable batteries will start to be charged. The LED indicator will show the working process. In this way, you can make most use of your batteries. 0V activation is XTAR’s pattent. Every XTAR charger has this function.

Auto Cut-Off After Fully Charging

The professional XTAR NC8 NiMH charger uses 0∆V and -∆V intellectual cut-off charging method to precisely judge the fully charging of NiMH battery. When the battery voltage drops slightly (just fully charged), charging will stop immediately. This method maximizes the battery lifespan.

if you don’t take the batteries off as soon as it shows they are fully charged, no need to worry about they would be over charged.

This NiMH AA & AAA charger is certified by FCC, CE, RoHS and includes built-in protections against overcharging, short-circuits, over-voltage and reverse polarity. It ensures safe charging.

USB-C Input, Compact Size & Hollow Design

The XTAR NC8 charger uses the popular USB-C input, so that you can use one usb c charging cable for all your usb c devices. It can also hook up to be charged by a small solar panel.

It has a size of L150*W76.5*H27.6mm, much smaller than universal battery charger and other brand NiMH AA battery chargers. Space-saving for photographers and RC car hobbyist.

The hole in the back that allows you to pop AA and AAA batteries back out of the charger is very convenient. Also it is good for heat dissipation.


XTAR NC8 is a smart budget 8-bay NiMH AA and AAA battery charger. If you use a lot of AA and AAA batteries from window lights, solar items for garden, Christmas lights, game controllers, trail cameras, RC items, etc, this charger, combined with XTAR rechargeable batteries would save you a lot of money. Contact us about this NiMH battery charger wholesale at XTAR official.


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