XTAR VN2 4 In 1 Camera Battery Charger Keeps Your Camera Alive Longer

Nov 04, 2020 | XTAR

When traveling, you always want to leave the best scenery in your life. For those photographyers, there are two major factors that limit your photographying, one is the capacity of the memory card, and the other is the battery life. The original charger of the camera generally needs to be equipped with an electric socket to charge, so there are still many restrictions in outdoors. It makes many people to choose camera chargers produced by third parties. XTAR recently released an interesting USB camera charger.

Removable Charging Plate

VN2 has a removable charger head and plates, which is very special design. It supports four different types of camera batteries – Cannon LP-E6N, Cannon LP-E17, Cannon LP-E8 and Sony NP-FW50. For the photographers who have more than one camera, this design is really good.  Simply by replacing charger plates, it becomes more compatible.

It is mainly for Canon and Sony DSLR or SLR cameras, which is widely applicable, such as Canon EOS 5D2/ 5D3/ 5D4/ 5DSR/ 6D/ 6D2/ 60D/ 70D/ 80D/ 7D/ RP/ 77D/ 800D/ 77D/ 760D/ 750D/200D/200DⅡ/220D/ 250D/M6/M5/M3/550D/600D/650D/700D, SONY ILCE -6500/ILCE -6400 /ILCE -6300/ILCE -6000/ILCE -5000/ILCE -510.

2 Bays & Type-C Input

The ultra-thin dual-charge base of XTAR VN2 supports the simultaneous charging of two batteries. Compared with the original charger, it saves charging time. It is especially suitable for the photographyers who carry several camera batteries. It can be charged through a popular USB Type-C input port. When you go out, you can directly connect the VN2 to a power bank or laptop to charge the camera battery. In particular, this design can share the charging cable and adapter with the mobile phone, which is convenient for use and carrying during travel.

1A Fast Charging

XTAR VN2 supports 5V 2.1A input power. This popularized protocol can start efficient fast charging for most chargers. VN2 provides the charging current 0.5A for each slot. Maximum charging current reaches 1A when you install only single battery. It takes about 100min to fully charge most of the original camera batteries.

Digital Screen Display

VN2 is a camera battery charger with LCD screen, which displays current charging status and allows users to directly see the charge: slot 1 or 2, battery temperature, charging voltage, charging current, charged volume, battery level.

Automatically Cut-Off When Fully Charged

XTAR adopts technology of real-termination, where a charging current drops to zero when battery is fully charged, and certainly will not over-charge a battery. XTAR strictly implements testing and production standard of chargers, and controls the accuracy of end-of-charge current/voltage within 1%. With the VN2, you will be never worried about the over-charge of your batteries.

Besides the above features, XTAR VN2 also has the 0V activation function that every XTAR charger owns. With this function, it can awake your over-discharged camera batteries, saving your cost on batteries.

Many photographers are worried about the charging safety of the third party camera chargers. XTAR VN2 has achieved multi protection functions for over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature and soft start. For example, when short-circuit happens, the charger fails to start and displays “Err” to remind you.

If you are Canon or Sony users, the XTAR VN2 would be a nice charger for you.


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