XTAR D26 2500 Review

Apr 22, 2022 | XTAR

XTAR D26 2500 is a powerful dive light that will cover most of your lighting needs underwater. It has two sizes, a long version and a short version. Four brightness levels – 2500/1400/700/30 lumens. Beam throw 320 meters. Two-hour runtime, powered by 2x 26650 batteries in D26 2500 long version. And 1.66 hours runtime for D26 2500 short version, powered by 2x 18650 batteries. Waterproof is rated with 100m underwater.

According to our partner Poseidon, a excellent diving instructor, he reviewed that, with a very long lasting batteries and 2500 lumens, this torch is perfect for day diving, night diving, for shipwreck penetrations and many other environments we might need a torch for.

Here is the testing and review video from him.

And we collected many nice photos shot by excellent divers from their cave diving in Cenote Carwash Tulum, night dive in Silfra, and wreck diving in Bjarnagjá. You can learn more about the lighting performance of this D26 2500 torch.

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