XTAR D36 5800 II Review

Apr 28, 2022 | XTAR

If you are fans of XTAR dive lights, you may know the XTAR D36 5800. It is a really powerful diving flashlight. Lots of scuba divers and underwater photographers love this torch. The XTAR D36 5800 II is a upgrade version.

The main difference is that the original uses a battery pack with built-in 3 x 18650 batteries, while the new version has 4 x 18650 batteries that are user replaceable. So it’s going to be a little bit heavier, but it’s going to offer much longer run times.

This torch offers two lighting modes – flood and spot light. They can be run separately or simultaneously. The flood light, run up to 4200 lumens, is good for underwater videography or lighting up a large area in front of you. The spotlight runs at 1600 lumens. If you run both of them at the same time, that would be 5800 lumens, a very large brightness output. The OLED screen will show the power indicator and lighting mode.

There are some hidden features on this powerful dive light. The first one is lock function. It will ensure you not to accidentally turn on the light, which is a very good add-on bonus. Another hidden feature is the emergency mode. When you turn the light on in the flood light mode, hold down the left button, it will switch to a strobe mode. When you are in the spotlight mode, hold down the left button, it will flash SOS and morse code.

One of our best influencers Rick Coleman tested this dive light in-depth, from the unboxing, operation to the lighting underwater. He is also one of the users for the original version. About the new version, he reviewed that he like the two different LEDs. And having user-replaceable batteries is a big plus. Here is the video of his full review.

And here is a short video about Spanish Shawl Nudibranchs Mating Rock captured with his new XTAR D36 5800 II dive/video light.

Another partner Ants Stern tested this dive light in the lake of Pingvallavatn and Silfra. All the dark corners got discovered!

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