XTAR D30 1600 and D30 4000 Video Lights For Underwater Photography

Dec 01, 2020 | XTAR

With the popularity of diving, more and more photographers have joined the team of divers. For the first time, most people took photos of a bunch of fish and corals underwater. When they came ashore, why did the photos become blue-gray? The reason is that the sea will absorb the different colors in the light, and what is left are blue and purple colors with longer wavelengths. When we take photos with the shore setting on camera, all the photos are lacking color.

Therefore, we must make up for the lost colors. Among the known methods, the one commonly used and by diving photographers, is artificial light. This is also the best effect way. Namely dive light, video fill light and strobe. Since strobes are more expensive than other two lights, most people use diving flashlights to compensate the light. Recently XTAR has released a new dive light D30, which can be used for lighting compensation in underwater photography and videography.

The D30 dive light has two types, the D30 1600 and D30 4000. Let’s take a look at their main features.

Four Light Colors

Both D30 1600 and D30 4000 has four light colors, white, red, blue and UV. As you know, the red color will be obsorbed at around 5 meters underwater, so a red light color can compensate it. And  the red color will not scare away the shy fish.

There are so many beautiful photos about the tiny fluorescent creatures underwater, which are one of the favorite shots by underwater photographyers. The UV light color is perfect for shooting those fluorescent creatures.

Great Brightness

XTAR D30 1600 has a maximum 1600 lumens output. It is very suitable for the macro underwater photography, especially in nighttime diving. For the fun dive in shallow water area, do you can’t help but shoot a nice video? Then, this D30 1600 can be a perfect video light for you to compensating the lighting in the videography.  

Want to shoot big creatures or videos in deep sea? Then, the XTAR D30 4000 dive light can be your choice. It has great brightness with maximum 4000 lumens output. No matter in darkness, insufficient lighting, or nighttime diving situation, it brings you enough brightness.

Multiple High Quality LEDs

In order to get high light effect and CRI score, XTAR uses multiple LEDs on these two dive lights. The D30 1600 has 7 Cree LEDs. The white light uses the 2nd generation XHP35 LED and colored lights use XPE2 LED. The D30 4000 even has 9 Cree LEDs. White light uses the 2nd generation XHP70.2 LED, red/blue lights use XPE2 LED and UV light with TX3535P3 LED. Both dive lights can offer definitely better memorable dive experience.

Multiple Lighting Compensation Modes

As both dive lights have four light colors, they can work not only with sole white, red, blue or UV lights, but also can produce two lights when pressing the switch. With more options, the images and videos taken are able to show those exciting details. For example, you can use Low White and Blue, Mid White & Red, High White and UV etc,.

Long Runtime

Powered by one 18650 or 26650 battery, XTAR D30 1600 enables a 2-hour usage at high level (1600 lumes) and works continuously for 6.6 hours at mid level (400 lumens). XTAR D30 4000 enables a 2.5-hour usage at high level (4000 lumes), powered by four 18650 batteries. Both dive lights provide a more enjoyable time for divers who journey underwater.

Press Switch & Lock Function

The D30 1600 has a magnetic press switch, which can be pressed toggle levels or turn off the light. Press twice quickly will enter colored lights. While the D30 4000 has dual switches. Single press of the switch near light head will toggle white lights, while rotate the tail switch will be able to change fill lights.

Both lights have a lock function, to avoid accidental turn on/off the lights.

LED Power Indicator

Three LED power indicator lights are placed near the switch and reminds users of battery status, so as to avoid sudden disappearing of illumination because batteries run out without notice.

Waterproof and Corrosion Resistance

Both D30 1600 and D30 4000 are made of aluminum 6063 and has a hard coat anodized finish. So it has better abrasion resistance as well as corrosion resistance, which is crucial in seawater environment. They are built in high integrity, with few openings and solid casing. Therefore they can serve well underwater within 100m depth.

Compare with the expensive strobe, a good video light is much more worthy to invest in underwater photography and videography. Both XTAR D30 1600 and XTAR D30 4000 can be used not only in macro photography but also in video shooting. Come to read more details and buy one decisively!  


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