A Good Scuba Diving Flashlight XTAR D26 2500 Was Released

Nov 24, 2020 | XTAR

We are addicted to the colorful underwater world, but do you also think that daytime diving and shallow diving are just ordinary? More and more people are participating in activities such as underwater cave exploring, creature photographying, scuba spearfishing, etc. As you know, deep diving, cave diving and nighttime diving have more stringent requirements for diving equipment, including a good diving flashlight. Recently XTAR released a diving flashlight – D26 2500, which is very suitable for these deep-sea activities. Let’s take a look at its highlights.

Great Brightness

Night is the most active time for sea creatures. A bright and strong diving flashlights are perfect for nighttime diving. XTAR D26 2500 reaches maximum 2500 lumens output. The Cree XHP50.2 LED brings a high CRI, color temperature 6000K (white). It will let you see the real colors of the sea world. Four Lighting Levels – turbo 2500lm, high 1400lm, mid 700lm and low 30lm. Different brightness can be used in different diving activities.

Two-hour Runtime

For nighttime diving and deep diving, a longer burn time is needed. One hour battery life may be not enough. Under turbo brightness level 2500 lumens, the XTAR D26 2500 can reach 2 hour runtime, powered by 2x 26650 batteries in long type light, and about 1.6 hours runtime, powered by 1x 26650 battery in short type light.


Near the switch, a LED indicator is placed to show the battery status. This design always help a lot in diving safety.

Beam Throw 320m

Deep diving requires the light of the diving flashlight to be farther and brighter, because the danger is greater, and predicting the danger in advance is responsible for life. XTAR D26 2500 uses high transmittance lens and better reflector, which has a beam throw of 320m. This allows divers to better avoid sea creatures or dangers.

Magnetic Press Switch

The XTAR D26 2500 uses a magnetic press switch. Single press to turn on/off the light, and adjust the brightness level as you like. So easy to use, right? A lock function added on the switch to avoid accidental turn on or off the light. Just turn the switch to make it point to the “LOCK icon, then when you want to press the switch, turn it to the UNLOCK” icon.

Waterproof & Other Protection

The XTAR D26 2500 provides underwater 100m waterproof. Since its housing has a class III hard coat anodized finish, the light comes with a comfortable grip and resists corrosion & abrasion-quite a durable gear. The reverse polarity protection and smart temperature control makes you use this dive light with no worry.

If you want to invent a good scuba diving flashlight, the XTAR D26 2500 is perfect, no matter in cave diving, deep diving, or nighttime diving.


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