XTAR DS1 Dive Light, One Of The Best Spearfishing Flashlights in 2021

Jun 30, 2021 | XTAR

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing and becomes one of the hottest underwater sports in diving. A lot of spearos (people who like spearfishing) like hole hunting, lobstering or even night spearfishing. But it’s commonly said that spearfishing is second only to base jumping in terms of danger. Before you start the spearfishing, make sure you already know what you need to do underwater and prepare complete gear.

Among the gears you need to carry is one or two dive lights that is compact, ease of use and powerful, especially night diving. One of the best spearfishing flashlights in 2021 is the XTAR DS1.

Run Time and Battery Life

A light with a long battery life is needed, because it provides enough run time for you to spearfish underwater. XTAR DS1 can reach 2.5 hours in run time, powered by a XTAR 21700 4900mAh Li-ion battery. The longest run time could be 49 hours under 30 lumens output. Our partner Bob had ever tested our DS1 and found that the run time of DS1 was really perfect for spearfishing. He used it in night spearfishing at the first time and then continue to light it for almost four hours without charging the battery.


For spearfishing, the perfect light output would be 800 to 1000 lumens. XTAR DS1 uses a CREE XP-L2 LED with color temperature 5500-6500K. Compared with other dive lights on the market, it gives more light with a wider radiation and lights clear even in muddy water. Therefore, it is more efficient in wide use, especially in poor conditions.

The max brightness output reaches 1000 lumens. A smooth magnetic slide switch is used in the DS1, so the water pressure in the depths has no impact on the switch. The easy-to-use sliding makes you to turn on/off the light immediately and change the lighting level from 30 to 1000 lumens freely to suit your spearfishing situation. In order to let users to change the switch easily when it is broken, XTAR prepared a spare one in every package.

Beam Angle

Choosing the right beam angle for your diving conditions ensures a good experience. A wide beam lights up a larger area underwater, while the narrow beam brings better visibility in muddy water and cave condition. The XTAR DS1 has 7-degree spot beam angle and 280 meters beam distance. It brings you high effective light in hole hunting, or even in the poorest conditions. As you know, lots of fishes rest in little caves, chunky cracks, and other holes to be as safe and secure as possible. A good dive light will help you a lot in exploring the holes.

Depth Rating

It’s very important for a flashlight works well in different underwater current and pressure conditions. The waterproof rating of XTAR DS1 is 100 meters underwater. So it will give you high-quality performance underwater in your spearfishing diving.

Size and Weight

The XTAR DS1 dive light is only 15.6cm in length and 177g in net weight. The tiny body facilitates its storage and handle easily, thus makes spearfishing underwater more flexible.

XTAR DS1 dive light is special designed for spearfishing. It has the best features with high-quality performance, bringing you best experience no matter in hole hunting, nigh spearfishing or lobstering. You can buy it on AliExpress.


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