XTAR T2 Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight For Everyday Carry Fun

May 27, 2021 | XTAR

Living in the city, you may be almost never in complete darkness. And if you need, you can use your phone’s light. But you never know when you might need one. And if you keep carrying a pocket flashlight, you may find 10,000 other uses for it.

Have you ever encountered any of these situation? Someone dropped a earring back under the fridge and a cell light couldn’t throw enough light to see all the way under. When walking in the dark, someone dropped their wallet in a drain. You tried to grab it with a tool but you couldn’t see down to get it. Or your bulbs suddenly broke… Carrying a pocket flashlight like XTAR T2, you can solve these problems immediately.


The XTAR T2 is more like a keychain light in size. It is only 7.5cm in length and 29.5g in weight. A detachable clip on its body makes it can be clipped in your pans pockets, backpacks or even notebooks. The magnetic tailcap makes this light can be attached on any metal surface, giving you two hands to work instead of one.

It is in fashionable gun metal color. And it is made of HV550-650 Aluminum alloy material, which promises superb abrasive resistance, anti-corrosion, no crack and never fade. So you can carry it with no worry in your work, travel, hiking, camping or even just dog walking in the evening.


Although in a mini size, XTAR T2 can reach up to 650 lumens output. Generally it has two lighting modes – stardard mode and moonlight mode. In each mode, it offers 3 lighting levels – low, mid and high.

In stardard mode, the high level is 650lm, runtime 26min. The mid level is 130lm with runtime 1.5 hours, and the low level is 50lm with runtime 4.2 hours, which are the lighting levels we use most often.

In moonlight mode, the brightness output is 2lm – 4lm – 6lm. The max runtime reaches 45 hours. It will make your eyes comfortable at night when you go to toilet. It can even light up all night when you sleep in tent during your camping trips.

In addition, the T2 pocket light is rechargeable with a USB type-c input port. You can charge it anywhere and anytime with any of your usb-c charging cable.


A press button to control the switch. Long press the switch to turn on / off the light, and single click to change the bright levels. Double clicks to enter the moonlight mode. And triple clicks to active the hiden strobe mode for self-defense and emergency help.

T2 has a switch-lock function to prevent accidental activation during transportation or carrying. Click 5 times of switch to enter this mode.

What’s more, there are two special features – memory function and power indicator. When reactivated, the flashlight will automatically access the previous memorized brightness level. And when the power is less than 10%, the indicator will be blinking red to remind you to charge. When charging, the LED will be solid green and when fully charge, it will be solid blue.

With XTAR T2, you can put it in your pocket anytime you want to use it at home, going out, and camping. Read more details at: XTAR T2 pocket flashlight.


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