XTAR Flashlight Guide

Nov 20, 2020 | XTAR

When it comes to XTAR, the first thing you might think of is that it is a battery charger manufacturer. In fact, XTAR is not only professional in Li-ion & NiMH battery chargers, but also in a lot of high-quality flashlights. Those LED flashlights are widely used in different industries and activities. Its most popular flashlights are mainly diving series, EDC series and headlamps. In addition, there are tactical flashlights. Faced with so many flashlight models, how to choose a suitable one for yourselves? Here is an XTAR flashlight guide.

Diving Flashlight

The mysterious sea and colorful underwater world have attracted more and more people to join the diving sport. Due to the dim light in the sea, the flashlight has become an essential tool for diving. When choosing a diving flashlight, there are four main considerations: brightness, waterproof, switch, and battery life. Now let’s take a look at several important parameters of hot XTAR dive lights according to the above four points.

Mode Brightness LED Switch Battery Run Time Waterproof
XTAR D36 5800 lumens Cree XHP70.2 P2 Cree XHP35-HI D4 Dual Press Switch D36 battery pack ( XTAR edition only) 45 mins (turbo);
74 min (high flood);
155 min (high spot)
XTAR D26 1600 1600 lumens Cree XHP35-HI D4 Magnetic Press Switch 1*18650/26650 2.48H 100m
XTAR D26 1100 1100 lumens CREE XM-L2 U3 Magnetic Press Switch 1*18650/26650 2H 100m
XTAR D06 1600 1600 lumens Cree XHP35 D4 Magnetic Slide Switch 1*18650 1.5H 100m
XTAR D20B 1000 lumens CREE XP-L V6 Rotary Switch 1*18650 4H 50m
EDC Flashlight

The EDC series are also suitable for camping and hiking. There are many reasons to get a good flashlight when camping and hiking. You need to consider the multiple brightness level, beam distance, run time and waterproof. The moonlight mode of around 3 lumens is good for night waking up. A low light of 20 lumens is efficient when reading a book in the tent. High brightness of 1000 lumens can be used in preparing or other activities. The run time is also another point to consider. You don’t want your batteries to run out on you or to change the batteries every day either, right? When you are on the go, rain may be a big problem. So the waterproof of flashlight is important. Fortunately, the XTAR EDC flashlights can meet your needs.

Mode Brightness Level Run Time Battery LED Waterproof Beam Distance
XTAR WK18 High/Singal: 1000
Mid: 300
Low: 60
Moon light:1
High/Singal: 3.1h
Mid: 4.5h
Low: 28h
Moon light:47d
1×18650/ 2xCR123A/ 2×16340 Cree XM-L2 U3 IPX8 150m
XTAR WK16 14500 battery
AA/AA ALKA battery
XTAR 14500 800mAh
14500/AA/AA ALKA x 1 CREE XP-G3 S4 IPX8 125m
XTAR RC2-200 Moonlight: 1
Low: 50
Mid: 100
High: 200
Green:30 SOS/Strobe:70
White low: 20h
White high: 5h
Red/blue/green: 10h
Built-in 18650 2500mAh RGB LED Splash-proof N/A

Many hikers and travelers consider headlamps as must-have items in their backpacks. Most of you may also prepare a headlamp in your car for accidentally car repairing or some other emergency status. Headlamps give you an opportunity to keep your hands free for cooking in camping, climbing into a cave, and search something in the dark.

XTAR H3R headlamp gets a lot of praise from users. It can reach 1000 lumens output with five brightness levels from moonlight to turbo. The additional SOS mode will help you a lot in safety. With a 18650 battery, its running time can be 2.5 hours in 1000 lumens. What’s more, it is also a magnetic rechargeable flashlight. That means you can directly charge it with your power bank. Plus the Cree XP-L V6 LED, memory mode and flashing power indication, how can you not invent in it?

Tactical Flashlight

When it comes to autumn and winter season, many of you would like to join the hunting activity, especially hunting deer, ducks, wild goose etc. Then, a good tactical flashlight is important. Also, the tactical flashlight can be used for military and police.

The tactical flashlight usually comes with colored lenses, because white light is visible from far away, exposing your position more easily. As you know, it is used outdoors and maybe rainny days, so it must be waterproof and durable. A clip to attach it to your belt or other gears. The hot mode of XTAR tactical flashlights is TZ28.


The XTAR TZ28 1500 lumens light has 4 brightness levels – 1500lm, 400lm, 200lm and 60lm. The beam distance is up to 340 meters. Dual tail switch with Strobe/High instant-on. Red, green and blue color filter lens meet a wide needs. IPX8-rated waterproof and 1.5 meter impact resistance. It is available with one 18650 battery. Hunting lovers and policemen are all love this light.

Besides the above modes, you can find more XTAR flashlights and choose your favorite ones.


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