XTAR CR123A 1400mAh Non-Rechargable Battery

Hard to crack,environmental friendly, passed droptest to ensureimpact-resistance.

XTAR 16340 650mAh 1.95A Battery

Rechargeable 16340 650mAh 3.7V protected battery, specially designed for flashlights.

XTAR 14500 800mAh 2.25A Battery

Rechargeable 14500 800mAh 3.7V battery, designed for flashlights, portable power devices, lighting applications, etc.

IMR 18350 850mAh Battery

Improved voltage stability due to low internal resistance.

XTAR 26650 5000mAh Battery

5000mAh rechargeable protected flat top lithium-ion battery, specially designed for flashlights.

XTAR 26650 4300mAh Battery

Rechargeable 26650 4300mAh 3.6V battery

XTAR 26650 5200mAh 10A Battery

26650 5200mAh rechargeable protected button top Li-ion battery, designed for flashlights. • Real 5200mAh capacity, mak


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