XTAR L4 Charger

One for all AA/AAA.
• Mix-charging of AA/AAA lithium & NiMh batteries
• Smart fast charging, auto match optimal charging method
• Unique CVSA Tech for NiMH batteries, higher accuracy of full-charge detection, faster & safer charging.
• Auto-detect dry batteries
• Revives over-discharged batteries
• Built-in multiple protections for safety
• Insured by famous insurance company, with RoHS, CE & FC certifications


1. Which adapters are compatible?

The L4 charger is compatible with major brand PD/QC adapters such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

2. Should I connect to power first or insert the battery first?

For the smart charger L4, it doesn’t matter whether you connect to power first or insert the battery first.

3. What is the difference between the XTAR charger L4 and BC4?

L4 lacks USB output, a transparent cover, and lights. But it features a hollow design, making it easier to remove the battery.

4. Can the XTAR L4 charge 3.6V lithium batteries?

The L4 charger cannot charge 3.2/3.6/3.7V lithium batteries. If such batteries are mistakenly inserted, the L4 charger will quickly flash a red light and will not charge them.

5. When using the L4 or L8 charger for 1.5V lithium batteries with LED indicator, how are the charger’s LEDs and battery indicator lights coordinated during charging?

In charging, the LED light of the charger L4 or L8 will be in solid red, and the LED light of the battery will flashing. After fully charged, the LED light of the battery will turn off, and the LED light of the charger L4 or L8 will be in solid green.

6. What are the meanings of the different states of the LED indicator lights on the L4 charger?

Here is the complete process:

After powering on the charger, all channel red lights will be on for 1 second, then they will switch to a steady green light, entering standby mode. While in standby mode, insert the battery, and the slow flashing red light indicates 0V activation/identification mode. 0V activation/identification will complete in ten minutes (Note: 1.5V lithium batteries that haven’t been deeply discharged don’t need activation and can be identified within 1 second).

If activation is completed and a NiMH or 1.5V lithium battery is detected, the red light will remain steady, indicating normal charging. If activation fails or a faulty battery is detected/incorrect battery is inserted (Alkaline or 3.6/3.7V lithium-ion battery), the red light will rapidly flash, indicating charging abnormalities. Once the steady red light transitions to a steady green light, charging is complete.

7. Which brands of batteries can be charged with L4?

XTAR L4 is compatible with AA/AAA NiMH batteries and the majority of 1.5V lithium batteries from various brands. Currently tested brands and models are listed here.

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